Six ways to play better golf

The game of golf requires so many different approaches and disciplines that it is so important to focus on areas that are in our control and allow the golf god’s to give us the luck needed in every round to hit those great scores.

Six ways that will definitely help are regular practice, sticking to a routine, being confident, visualisation of each shot, staying the moment and commitment to your overall plan for the round.


Each golfer regardless of playing ability needs to continually practice. Practice makes perfect must have been spoken by a golfer. All practice sessions should be purposeful and have attainable targets. Sessions should focus on improving your game with the majority of time spent on your short game. This area is where you will see the best, immediate gains and will reduce your scorecard week in, week out. Off the course use a good golf tuition app like


To perform consistently time and time again you should adopt a routine that is undertaken each and every time you go to take a shot. If you watch the tour pro’s on the European Tour and take note of how they go to hit the ball regardless of what shot it is, it is always, without fail the same routine. It’s guaranteed it will be the same no if, no but’s.


If you practice and follow your routine this will build confidence. Confidence is key to executing the desired shot. If you address the ball with doubt this will lead to a poor swing, poor shot and ultimately poor result. Address the ball with confidence, defined plan and knowing you can hit the desired shot time and time again.


It is so important to visualise each shot. See the result before you’ve hit the ball. Believe in what you are doing. Mentally see the shot in your minds eye. This imagery will re-affirm your desired outcomes, making it easier to perform. Your results will improve with visualisation.

Stay in the moment

Staying in the moment is really important. Golf will result in good and bad shots, holes, rounds and so on. The art is to hit each shot as if it was the only shot taken. Regardless of result it is left in the past and you are always on to the next one. Another key point here is not to watch the scorecard. Play a round to the end and then worry about tallying up the score. Play each shot and hole at a time with only one goal – to attempt to hit the best shot there and then.


Always commit to all aspects of your golf game. Commit to getting lessons and improving, whether that’s through a website/mobile app (Gateway Golf) or at your local golf club. Commit to every decision made on the golf course and commit to every shot through your routine, confidence, visualisation and being in the moment. the leading Golf Tuition App



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