Tempo in the Golf Swing

The vague term tempo is used to describe the correlation between the speed at which a player swings and the flight of the ball.

A particular speed can feel correct but it may not give the desired results. To master the golf swing a player must swing with control. This ensures the club swings on the correct plain and the club head connects with the ball in the right position at the correct time & speed.

All amateur golfer’s have this naive belief that the faster and harder they swing the club the further the ball will go. It is the complete opposite. If the golfer swings with tempo and control the club does as it is designed to do – provide power! This is something that needs to be learnt and practised over time.

Holding and swinging the club to hard will not give the results needed to improve. The swing needs rhythm – a pure balance between efficiency and energy.

How do i know what my tempo is? Naturally we all have a built in tempo. This is how we walk, talk and even write. Some do these things fast others do things at a slower pace. This is the tempo used to swing the club. Your inner tempo dictates the club speed. It should never be forced, whatever feels natural. On the driving range hit balls at both ends of the spectrum. Some really fast, some really slow and then work towards your natural speed and rhythm. When it feels right that’s your optimum tempo!

Over time you will find the ability to combine control with power a well as keeping the club on the correct plain with the appropriate energy put into the shot.

If you’ve ever watched the tour pro’s on the TV you will notice that even though their swing speeds are individually different, their shots regardless of the club is always the exact same speed (except perhaps the driver of Rory Mcilroy!).

The tempo of the swing demonstrates the control the player has over his/her swing. A golf swing should be relaxed, balanced and rhythmical. the leading Golf Tuition App


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