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Shot Mapping and Shot Keeper Scorecard

A brilliant way to learn from the many rounds of golf you play is to keep track of the shots made and the results from these shots. This will give vital feedback which can be analysed and reviewed after the round and effective practice can be implemented on the driving range.

Shot mapping is noting each shot made on a hole with what club and the result. Simply note them down for review and comparison later. For example on hole 1, driver off tee hooked to the left, 8 iron from rough on left, straight but low and short,  wedge onto green poor flight 30 feet from hole, 3 putts all pulled to the left. As you can see the amount of feedback given for one hole is huge and starts to build a picture of your overall game. Imagine what you will see after 18 holes!!

Shot keeper scorecard allows you to understand (1) physical swing and (2) mental state when hitting the ball. As well as shot mapping you should get into the habitat of understanding your psychological state on each and every shot – did you feel angry, sad, happy, tense, distracted, rushed or unable to concentrate? Record all these feelings so you can work on the mental side of the game.

This easy to apply system will allow you to collect data on each club and your mental and physical skills. You will soon find from comparing scorecards and rounds which areas of your game you really need to focus on. It may clearly indicate a tendency to hook the golf ball, if this is the case you can work on this at the range making your practice sessions really focused and feedback driven.

The Gateway Golf App has a great tool which supplements the scorecard function called ‘scorecard notes’. This allows you to do both shot mapping and shot keeper scorecard on each and every round which can be saved and reviewed whenever needed. For the best golf tuition app on the market its got to be The Gateway Golf App.

Should i buy golf lessons or get new clubs

This question probably doesn’t get asked as much as it should. How many golfers do you know go on about their latest lesson and the new grip or technique for hitting the ball longer? I bet the same can’t be said for the golfer going on about his/her new clubs or wedges or driver?!

There is something programmed into every amateur golfer that they must have the latest irons, wedges or drivers to make them a better golfer. They all get sucked in by the marketing jargon surrounding the latest must have clubs and their hooked. You can’t say the same for the local pro pushing his ‘buy 4 lessons get the 5th free’, doesn’t really have the same appeal. However, it most definitely should.

Golf is a game that has developed over the years and all the brands have jumped on this and spun it with only one intention. To get all golfers buying more of the newest clubs on the market. To be fair they don’t really have a difficult job as most golfers have the mindset that if they buy a new club, regardless of what club, it will make them a better golfer and reduce that scorecard.

The fact of the matter is this. If there was you with all the latest equipment and a pro from any tour with just one club, say a 7 iron from the 1950’s, the tour pro would still beat you on a round of golf if he/she was only allowed to play with that one club and you any club you desire from your new flashy set. Why? Only one reason. The tour pro has over the years had the correct tuition/lessons and without doubt done one thing. Practice, practice and practice so more. The pro could play all the shots necessary with one club to overcome and outwit the golf course.

So to answer the question. Keep the clubs you have, buy several lessons, measure the improvement and have a goal to achieve. Once achieved, buy more lessons or as a treat to reaching the target buy new clubs! check out the latest tuition app Gateway Golf.

How to be a better golfer – Short Game

Like most golfers, you probably want to score better and win one or two of the club competitions. If this is you, a sure fire way to do this is to improve your short game.

So what is your short game? It’s anything within 100 yards of the pin. So this pitching wedge down to putter. When practising, the majority of your time should be spent on this area of your game.

Short game includes approach shots as mentioned to chipping, pitching and putting. Your improving short game will guarantee better scores every time you play. It will be immediate, obvious and a key aspect to improving your handicap.

An important aspect of the short game is accuracy. Practice should be focused on controlling the ball with your wedges and putter. Understanding what capabilities you have with each club will improve your accuracy, which will result in fewer less shots taken on each round. Each wedge in your bag can be used to manufacture several different shots. The more confident you are to execute each shot the more likely you are to achieve the desired results.

For longer wedge approaches the driving range is the place to spend hours practising. Generally a decent range will provide flags at distances applicable to a comparable approach out on the course. Your aim should be to target the flags and leave the ball within a reasonable putts distance. For shorter chips, a practice green (which allows chipping practice!!!) would be where you should spend your time whilst your mates or playing partners are on the range trying to hit the back fence of the range with their driver.

Practice abbreviated swings, softer controlled shots with the ultimate target to land/stop the ball close to the holes within a make-able putts distance. These shots can save so many shots on a scorecard.

With putting it goes without saying that it needs to take most of you r focus when practising. Short, long and anything in-between needs to be worked on. Do as the professionals do…drive for show, put for dough.

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