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Good and Bad Lies

Each and every time you get an opportunity to practice the game of golf you must test yourself and improve on your capabilities. This can not be more said than with chipping from good and bad lies.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of going to a professional golf tournament on practice day you will see each and every pro doing exactly this – testing their abilities and finding out what the particular golf course has in store for them on the big day. On the practice green you will find the pro’s spreading the balls around the green and not hitting ball after ball from a perfect lie just of the green. This provides vital feedback and quality practice. Some will even create terrible lies to really test their ability.

You should add this to your practice sessions as its very unlikely you will ever get that perfect lie on the course when playing with friends or in the local club competition. Practice should be enjoyable but it should also have purpose and provide you with continuing challenges so you are constantly pushing yourself to be a better golf.

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Grip – Common Errors

The grip is a vitally important element of the golf swing. Regardless of your golfing standard, you should take time to improve your grip. There are two common errors that can creep into your golf game undetected – Strong Grip and Weak Grip.

Strong Grip

A strong grip is when you look down at you hands on the club at address and see you the ‘V’ between your index finger and thumb on you right hand (if a right handed player, left if a left handed player) is pointing right of your right shoulder. In addition you will be able to see three knuckles on your left hand. This grip will tend to cause a hook and close the club face at impact.

Weak Grip

With a weak grip, the opposite hands with the ‘V’ of the index finger and thumb pointing towards your left shoulder and you will only be able to see one knuckle. This grip will tend to cause a slice and open the club face at impact.

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5 Factors to a Good Address Position

  1. STANCE. How your weight is balanced at address is important. It will be different for all types of shots.
  2. GRIP. Holding the club so your hands work in partnership to keep the club on plain with powerful, fluid movement.
  3. BALL POSITION. Where you place the ball in your stance will affect the angle the club strikes the ball. Getting this spot on ensures improved flight and control/striking of the golf ball.
  4. ALIGNMENT. Ensuring you are aligned with the direction you wish to send the ball is vitally important. It will give feedback and will help you take the club back on the right path.
  5. POSTURE. Much like ball position, the angle of your back will assist in the consistency of quality strikes time after time.

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5 changes to the PGA Tour 2019 schedule

Below are the 5 changes to the PGA Tour schedule that you should know about

  1. The PGA Championship will be played in May
  2. Two tournaments will be played in Michigan and Minnesota
  3. The FedEx playoffs will play finish in August and not September
  4. The RBC Canadian Open will be played in early June
  5. The Houston Open and Greenbrier move to the Autumn

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2019 Major Championship Dates & Locations

Its that time of year when we all start thinking about the major championships of 2019. Below are the dates and locations you need to put in the diary.


Augusta National, Georgia, USA – 11-14th April


Pebble Beach Golf Club, California, USA – 13-16th June


Royal Portrush, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland – 19-22nd July


Bethpage Black, New York, USA – 13-19th May

Padraig Harrington – 2020 Ryder Cup Captain

Gateway Golf App would like to congratulate Padraig Harrington on becoming the latest captain to lead the European team in the 2020 Ryder Cup.

The 2020 Ryder Cup will be held at Whistling Straits, Wisconsin.

Previously at vice-captain at the last 3 Ryder Cups and a pivotal player in 6 competitions, his pedigree is unquestionable.

After the announcement at Wentworth Golf Club, Surrey, Harrington said…

“It is a tremendous honour to be named Ryder Cup Captain and I am relishing the next 20 months as we work towards Whistling Straits and Europe’s defence of the trophy, I have played under, and been involved with, many wonderful European captains since I made my debut in the contest 20 years ago and I would like to think that my captaincy will be a mix of all of them. I am very much looking forward to taking on this role.”

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Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes are recommended as you start to play and practice more golf. The key benefit of the golf shoe is they provide better transaction which helps with weight transfer and learning better footwork. Golf shoes are designed with better support and comfort than an ordinary shoe as you are walking the course for 4 hours or so and can be practising for extended periods of time. Many golfers have used tennis shoes rather than golf shoes which is fine at first but it is recommended that a good, quality pair of golf shoes are used if you expect to be playing golf in the long term.

Golf shoes come in a wide variety of leather textures, from soft to firm. The softer leather shoe will provide less support and stability plus tend to wear out quicker. If you are a all weather golfer and walk and pull a trolley or carry a bag as you play, waterproof shoes are now widely available.

Another consideration with golf shoes is whether or not you would like them to have spikes. Many modern golf shoes now come without spikes which can in lesser weather conditions reduce stability and grip on uneven ground. Both spike and spikeless options can be used and it could be an idea to have a pair of each for both summer and winter golf.

Golf shoes are an important piece of equipment when playing, however more important is your continued application of the game itself. Practice makes perfect when playing golf and The Gateway Golf App is here to help you make those steady improvements one step at a time.

Shot Mapping and Shot Keeper Scorecard

A brilliant way to learn from the many rounds of golf you play is to keep track of the shots made and the results from these shots. This will give vital feedback which can be analysed and reviewed after the round and effective practice can be implemented on the driving range.

Shot mapping is noting each shot made on a hole with what club and the result. Simply note them down for review and comparison later. For example on hole 1, driver off tee hooked to the left, 8 iron from rough on left, straight but low and short,  wedge onto green poor flight 30 feet from hole, 3 putts all pulled to the left. As you can see the amount of feedback given for one hole is huge and starts to build a picture of your overall game. Imagine what you will see after 18 holes!!

Shot keeper scorecard allows you to understand (1) physical swing and (2) mental state when hitting the ball. As well as shot mapping you should get into the habitat of understanding your psychological state on each and every shot – did you feel angry, sad, happy, tense, distracted, rushed or unable to concentrate? Record all these feelings so you can work on the mental side of the game.

This easy to apply system will allow you to collect data on each club and your mental and physical skills. You will soon find from comparing scorecards and rounds which areas of your game you really need to focus on. It may clearly indicate a tendency to hook the golf ball, if this is the case you can work on this at the range making your practice sessions really focused and feedback driven.

The Gateway Golf App has a great tool which supplements the scorecard function called ‘scorecard notes’. This allows you to do both shot mapping and shot keeper scorecard on each and every round which can be saved and reviewed whenever needed. For the best golf tuition app on the market its got to be The Gateway Golf App.

Warm up before tee time

Far to often do golfers have a tee time, turn up 10 mins before it, sort the clubs out, get the shoes on, pay the green fee in the pro shop and then walk straight to the first tee. This will only have one result – a poor start, if not poor round of golf. You must warm up not just to get your eye in with your clubs but also to stretch out your body. The golf swing uses most muscles in the body and it is vitally important to warm up.

The first thing to do is have a quick stretch. Ensure you do all body parts. This shouldn’t take to long and will allow you to swing the club effortlessly without risk of injury.

After being all stretched off get to the driving range and begin hitting a few balls with a 7/8 iron at 75%. Slowly work it up to 100% commitment. Once you feel focused and ready to work through your clubs, start with your lowest iron, probably 9 iron and hit several balls working through your irons. Then go onto the fairway woods and finish with the driver.

Now the wedges. Do full shots, half shots and any other shot you feel you may encounter on the course.

Before you go to the first tee from the range spend some time on the putting green. Practice long, medium and short length putts. This is the area which will definitely improve your score or chance of winning the club competition.

The warm should take a minimum of 45 mins, ideally an hour. Only then are you fully ready to take on the challenge of teh course.

Warming up for a round of golf is hugely important. It should be a factor in all golfers preparation to the tee off. You wouldn’t play football, rugby or any other sport without warming up, golf shouldn’t be no different. the leading Golf Tuition App


The best destination for a golf holiday

With the low cost flights and cheaper options for accommodation there has never been a better time to take advantage and book that golf holiday you’ve always dreamed of.

From the UK you have so many options it can be a daunting task not only to choose a destination but to even make a shortlist of say 2 or 3.

The most popular destinations are Spain/Portugal closely followed nowadays by the Asia market, in particular, Thailand. These locations provide great value for money and some of the best golf courses.

If budget is not a hindrance to the options and you want to do that once in a lifetime holiday then you have to consider America. The availability of quality packages are endless plus you have the ability to experience other attractions (Disneyland etc) whilst you play excellent courses. Other that there is UAE, China and all European countries where the climate is applicable for golf.

Golf is such a universal sport played all over the world that you can pretty much play it in most countries. However, if you are the society member lumbered with organising the next trip or you are just looking to book a great golfing holiday you can’t go wrong with the huge offering of Spain and Portugal. It’s almost guaranteed good golf, sun, sea and lots of San Miguel!

Please see link below for further information on –

Top 10 Golf Holiday Destinations the leading Golf Tuition App


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