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Golf handicap system

When anyone takes up golf there is so much to learn and take in that it can all be a bit daunting. This is definitely the case with the handicap system. It is  vitally important to the game and allows all amateurs regardless of their playing ability to play together competitively but it can confuse the most brightest of minds.

A handicap is determined by the golfers ability and regularly adjusted to reflect their current form or playing level. It is usually calculated over the last 10 rounds of golf.

A golf course consists of 18 holes, generally speaking made up of four par 3’s, four par 5’s and ten par 4’s resulting in the course having a par of 72.

So if the par is 72 a scratch golfer will be expected to take 72 shots to complete the course. This would mean he/she has played to par. A 10 handicap golfer will be in 82 (10 + 72) and a 18 handicap golfer in 90 (18 + 72).

If the par of the hole is three, a scratch golfer should score 3 or ‘par’ and a 18 handicap golfer 4 or ‘bogey’.

In a competition, if the scratch golfer was competing against a 18 handicap player and scored par of 72 and the 18 handicap scored 90 or 18 over, the match would be a draw. Why? The 18 handicap player would get 18 shots deducted from his total score which would result in 72.

The handicap system works excellently to encourage competitiveness in all club competitions. There are many different scoring systems like matchplay, stableford or stroke play where the handicap system works effortlessly to calculate the winner and losers. the leading Golf Tuition App


How long is a golf lesson?

Golf lessons can be anything from 30 seconds just before your weekly round to a 4 hour plus playing lesson. The typical lesson is however between 45 minutes and one hour.
One 30 second lesson is extremely short and of not huge benefit but it could simply be a coach giving instruction to try something new on the forthcoming round of golf. Golf is a game that is continuously being worked at to gain that competitive edge however large or small. A small grip change on the putter in the 30 seconds could make a noticeable difference to the performance of the player. That would be a worthwhile 30 seconds lesson.

golf lessons

However, most PGA (Professional golfers association) professional coaches would say that to really gain measurable improvements in the golf game a lesson should be at least 45 minutes and actually have multiple lessons to achieve maximum results .A playing lesson obviously will be the longest lesson on offer. Typically the PGA coach will shadow you on a round of golf giving advice/guidance as you play. This has huge benefits to the golfer and is growing in popularity. It allows the leaner to get a real insight into how a top golfer reads the game and approaches each shot. If that all sounds too time intensive and not a practical solution for you to improve your golf game there are alternatives. These come in the form of website or mobile apps that provide first class tuition/coaching video’s. The video’s are usually 3-7 minutes long and full of helpful, detailed coaching applicable to any golfer. Some of these video’s are from class coaches delivered their services to the US tour & European Tour’s best players. Lessons are a key, most of the time overlooked, element to the golf game.

golf lessons

It is advisable to resist buying the latest golf clubs and put that money into lessons. It you stick at the lessons you will get much better results and ultimately be a more improved golfer, winning more club competitions.

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Golf Fitness – Is it important?

Golf used to be played many years ago by old gentleman folk enjoying a leisurely stroll around the estate, playing a little bit of golf whilst planning to take over the world more than likely. That has all changed now. It’s about strength, power, flexibility, agility and peak physical fitness.

Gone are the days when you see golfer’s smoking and drinking cans of beer as they compete in tournaments all over the world. There is your die hard’s like Jimenez who you still find smoking the odd cigar (if and when he plays) but its not how the younger generation of the game see it. The juniors of the world’s very best tours take their physical fitness extremely seriously. It’s not just an add-on to the regime but a central part of it. They all spend hours in the gym increasing strength, building power for those 300 + yard drives and flexibility to keep them at the top level for as long as possible.

Most amateurs would agree that to play golf its not necessary, which to some extent is true but if you are looking to hit the ball further, become more consistent and shoot lower scores getting fitter or staying in good shape is key. It is estimated that on a normal round of golf of 4 hours the player will burn 400 calories. That’s a significant amount which justifies golf as an excellent game, if played regularly to control weight, although not to get you fit. This needs to be done as a supplement off the course and in the gym.

Si is fitness key to golf? Yes if you wish to improve. No if you just enjoy having a hack around with your mates once so often.

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