Month: April 2019

The first tee shot

This is definitely for most golfers the hardest shot in golf. It carries such importance or so we think when starting our round.

It is usually outside the clubhouse or pro shop where there is a  congregation of spectators all watching the next victim take his/her first shot of the round. It’s the shot you think about when you are driving to the course…’If i just get the first tee shot I’m off to a good round’

We all put such importance on it which comes with unnecessary pressure. Everybody has experienced the nerves, sweaty palms and heart pumping when we try to put that ball on the little wooden peg on the first tee. To be honest standing over the ball on the first tee to most is something of a nightmare.

The one thing you need to know is it effects all of us. even the very best in the world suffer from it. Just ask Patrick Reed at the Ryder Cup several competitions back in Scotland. He barely got the ball past the tee box.

There are processes you can try to implement to reduce the effects of the first tee nerves. The tension you feel causes the right hand to grip the club to hard. Work on reducing this. Take some deep breathes and relax your whole body and mind. All you need to worry about to get yourself off the tee to a good start is tempo (check other blog about tempo). Play the swing as smoothly and slowly as possible. An exercise to do this is count 1 in the back swing and 2 in the down swing and follow through. Make sure your eyes are only focused on the ball, create a big shoulder turn and swing the club freely onto your target line down the middle of the fairway.

If the first tee feels your with unavoidable fear, pick an iron rather than the driver or a shorter club which you feel more confident with and swing easy. Always remember you are not alone and its somebody else’s turn next! the leading Golf Tuition App


Bad Shots

Golf is made up of a few magical shots (these are the ones that keep us coming back week after week to re-live), lots of average shots and an enormous amount of bad shots. When we play a round we can talk for hours afterwards about the good shots and tend quickly to forget the bad ones.

Invariably the cause for all poor shots stem from the same place, although with different consequences. It doesn’t matter whether its a hook, slice, thin shot or the shank, problems usually occur because of the right hand.

A player needs to identify their bad shot, rectify any problems on the driving range through tuition or via a website/mobile app such as Gateway Golf, adopt whats learnt and apply it out on the course. This is coupled with mental preparation and focus guarantee’s improvement in the golf game.

The art is to learn from poor shots, let them pass and play the next shot as though it was your only shot. Too many golfers get frustrated and give up too soon. Golf is an extremely difficult game to play and the only way to improve is practice as well as taking tuition. All levels of golfer plays a round of golf with several bad shots, varying on ability level. However, its how you approach the next shot and overcome the frustration. Most tour pro’s lack consistency from tee to green but make it all up within 100 yards of the green. They have the ability to turn bad shots into average ones and turn those into great scoring holes. That is what you must aim for – less bad shots, excellent short game and mental focus. This comes with practice, tuition and hardwork. the leading Golf Tuition App


Where can I buy golf clubs?

There are a number of different routes that the would be golf equipment buyer could obtain their next set of clubs.

This includes the numerous American Golf stores stretched across the UK. There are other golf outlets, although they all do struggle to complete with American Golf on product offering and price with the ingenious marking spin of ‘price match’.

Other sources include most, if not all, golf clubs. The Pro shop where you pay for your round of golf and get your score card is usually a great location for selling golf clubs and other necessary equipment such as, balls, tee’s, gloves, etc. Be aware the product range is all but guaranteed to be limited as the resident professionals will likely have a deal or sponsor from a particular brand and that would mean he/she only offers that brand equipment.

There are a number of very good online only providers of golf equipment. This sometimes creates value and the benefit of reduced prices on selected items but lacks the ability to ‘try before you buy’. Like any marketplace, each retailer is driving for your custom so you do have the opportunities to source great deals if you are patient and happy to shop around and play retailers off each other.

There is now a huge secondary marketplace for golf equipment. Second hand golf gear can really provide great value for money and gives the golfer huge selection of quality equipment that otherwise could be out of the golfers allocated budget. Currently, the most popular are obviously ebay and golfbidder. Both have a huge collection of clubs and everything else golf. If you have a brand and particular model in mind, that you’ve tried and tested and happy to proceed with a purchase, golfbidder can be an excellent place to start. the leading Golf Tuition App


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