Are you always in the Hazard?

How many times have you been playing golf and had a heated conversation about the rules regarding a hazard? Its time to know the various definitions…

Ground Under Repair (GUR). Usually marked by a ‘GUR’ sign. You can remove your ball and place at the nearest point of relief without penalty.

Casual Water. This is surface water clearly where your ball lies or within your stances. You can move the ball to the nearest point of relief without penalty. Establish nearest point of relief and drop the ball within one club length. If in a bunker you can incur a one shot penalty by removing the ball from the bunker or take relief without penalty by finding a suitable place in bunker which avoids the casual water.

Water Hazard (yellow stakes). If the ball is still playable as perhaps in a dry ditch you can play it without penalty but can not ground the club. If ‘in the drink’ you can drop the ball in line with the last point of access and the hole and incur a one shot penalty.

Water Hazard (red stakes). Red stakes indicates a lateral hazard which runs in the direction of the hole. You may play the ball but again without grounding the club. If you deem unplayable, you must agree point of entry and drop the ball no more than two club lengths away. A one shot penalty is incurred.

Ground staff cuttings and clippings. Drop within one club length and do so without penalty.

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