Whats in your Golf Bag?

Fundamentally there are some important questions that need to be answered when choosing the right golf bag. Golf comes with a enormous amount of extra equipment, most you will need on the rare occasion, others you will need every single time you play and having the correct bag to house all this stuff is makes life and your round of golf a lot easier!

You need to prioritise what you will take out on the course with you and the decision of bag and/or trolley will come naturally. The contents of a bag usually includes:

  • Clubs – the right set for your game and the course you are playing.
  • Balls – how many and what type.
  • Gloves – how many and what type.
  • Food and drink.
  • Clothing – wet/cold weather suit, over-trousers and appropriate shoes.
  • Bag cover and umbrella.
  • Other extras – suntan lotion, lip cream, sunglasses, wet and dry towels.

Do what the professional’s do and use the bag as an assistant to your round of golf. Make sure you have everything you need and use the appropriate bag and/or trolley to ensure that carrying or pulling will not hinder your round of golf through fatigue and tiredness.

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