Etiquette On The Green

Its important to know how to behaviour when on the green, here’s some tips which will help…

  1. Stand well away from and to the side of players who are about to take their putt. Stay out of their line of sight to avoid being accused of gaining advantage through the feedback from their putt.
  2. Bags, Trolleys and buggies should be kept well away from greens.
  3. Try to avoid scuffing green with golf shoes.
  4. Never walk on the putting line of another player. If in doubt ask and mark your ball.
  5. If tending the flag, release it from its support prior to the shot being taken to avoid any penalty shots occurring.
  6. Be quiet and still when others are taking their putt.

These simple etiquette rules of thumb will keep you in good stead if you are new to the game and a good reminder to those who have been playing a while and forgotten. You know who you are!

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