Take that divot and trust the loft

Most golfers have a natural tendency to try and help the ball into the air by holding back through impact and attempting to lift the ball. A golf club, in particular an iron, is designed with loft to do all the work required to get the ball up and on a good flight path.

As you feel more comfortable with using the club to lift the ball, move your weight towards the target on the downswing. This will drive the club through the ball and should, if executed correctly, leave a nice, healthy divot behind after impact.

A divot will be a good feedback indicator that you have set the ball in the right position in your stances and found a greater angle of attack than usual. By committing to the shot with positive imagery and excellent execution you should leave a divot.

Always remember to repair your divots by using a divot tool, which you can buy from any golf course or golf equipment supplier.

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