Good and Bad Lies

Each and every time you get an opportunity to practice the game of golf you must test yourself and improve on your capabilities. This can not be more said than with chipping from good and bad lies.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of going to a professional golf tournament on practice day you will see each and every pro doing exactly this – testing their abilities and finding out what the particular golf course has in store for them on the big day. On the practice green you will find the pro’s spreading the balls around the green and not hitting ball after ball from a perfect lie just of the green. This provides vital feedback and quality practice. Some will even create terrible lies to really test their ability.

You should add this to your practice sessions as its very unlikely you will ever get that perfect lie on the course when playing with friends or in the local club competition. Practice should be enjoyable but it should also have purpose and provide you with continuing challenges so you are constantly pushing yourself to be a better golf.

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