Grip – Common Errors

The grip is a vitally important element of the golf swing. Regardless of your golfing standard, you should take time to improve your grip. There are two common errors that can creep into your golf game undetected – Strong Grip and Weak Grip.

Strong Grip

A strong grip is when you look down at you hands on the club at address and see you the ‘V’ between your index finger and thumb on you right hand (if a right handed player, left if a left handed player) is pointing right of your right shoulder. In addition you will be able to see three knuckles on your left hand. This grip will tend to cause a hook and close the club face at impact.

Weak Grip

With a weak grip, the opposite hands with the ‘V’ of the index finger and thumb pointing towards your left shoulder and you will only be able to see one knuckle. This grip will tend to cause a slice and open the club face at impact.

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