Shot Mapping and Shot Keeper Scorecard

A brilliant way to learn from the many rounds of golf you play is to keep track of the shots made and the results from these shots. This will give vital feedback which can be analysed and reviewed after the round and effective practice can be implemented on the driving range.

Shot mapping is noting each shot made on a hole with what club and the result. Simply note them down for review and comparison later. For example on hole 1, driver off tee hooked to the left, 8 iron from rough on left, straight but low and short,  wedge onto green poor flight 30 feet from hole, 3 putts all pulled to the left. As you can see the amount of feedback given for one hole is huge and starts to build a picture of your overall game. Imagine what you will see after 18 holes!!

Shot keeper scorecard allows you to understand (1) physical swing and (2) mental state when hitting the ball. As well as shot mapping you should get into the habitat of understanding your psychological state on each and every shot – did you feel angry, sad, happy, tense, distracted, rushed or unable to concentrate? Record all these feelings so you can work on the mental side of the game.

This easy to apply system will allow you to collect data on each club and your mental and physical skills. You will soon find from comparing scorecards and rounds which areas of your game you really need to focus on. It may clearly indicate a tendency to hook the golf ball, if this is the case you can work on this at the range making your practice sessions really focused and feedback driven.

The Gateway Golf App has a great tool which supplements the scorecard function called ‘scorecard notes’. This allows you to do both shot mapping and shot keeper scorecard on each and every round which can be saved and reviewed whenever needed. For the best golf tuition app on the market its got to be The Gateway Golf App.

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