2019 – the year of the golf lesson

You may of been playing golf for longer than you care to remember or just a beginner, full of motivation to improve and become the next Tiger Woods but the bet that you’ve hardly had any lessons wouldn’t be a bad one.

2019 should be the year that this changes. Golf is a game that comes and goes with the wind. One round you can play really well with all the luck and the next can’t catch a break and score terribly. We’ve all been there, it happens to the professional on the European Tour as well as any amateur. The difference being the pro’s identify the faults in the their game and then spend hours working it through with their retained coaches on the driving range. Amateurs tend to put the clubs in the boot of the car, drink beers and have a laugh with their playing partners about one shot or another in the round.

This is all well and good if you are happy with just playing golf socially (which is highly recommended). However, if you would really like to see measurable gains in your performance, there is only one simple answer. It’s professional tuition. This can come from your local golf club or form the excellent websites/mobile apps on offer nowadays.

The nature of the golf swing entails many moving parts. That’s why it’s an impossible game to fully master but you can, with the correct advice from quality coaches set the foundations so you have a good base of knowledge and technique to work from.

If there is one thing you want to do in 2019 with regard to golf it should only be to spend some time on your swing. This is guaranteed to improve your game unlike the latest golf club.

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