Driver or Iron of the tee?

It is an age old dilemma for any golfer of any playing level. What’s the best decision when on the tee – Driver or Iron??

Now it is an arguable fact that most amateur golfers are on average more accurate with their irons, this over time has given confidence which results in better results. Whereas the driver to some can feel like they are holding an alien object with the intent of hitting a little white ball as far as possible in a pre-determined direction.

The facts are simple, the driver is one of the least hit clubs in the golf bag and most of the time one of the hardest. It does however guarantee one thing – it will hit the ball the furthest out of any club you have. The long iron, say a 3 or 4 iron, will increase accuracy and should provide the golfer with that extra bit of confidence once on the tee.

What needs to be accounted for is the situation where the decision needs to be made. Is it the first tee? Is it in a club competition where you need to protect a score or go for broke?

Another important consideration is what is the design of the golf hole that needs to be navigated. If it’s fairly open with a higher percentage of locating the ball if it goes off path, the driver then out ways the option of the iron. Whereas if its a tight, tree lined fairway with OB everywhere then the iron for position would be sensible.

As with any shot in golf a lot needs to be considered. Current playing form, importance of shot in competition or scorecard, the design of the golf hole and most importantly is how you feel when you take all these factors into account. Your inner belief and confidence will play a key role in the outcome. The commitment you put into the shot will provide the desired outcome.

This is all very important but this comes after one essential part. The ability to use the driver or long iron correctly. This comes with practice and knowledge which only truly comes from expert advice and tuition. The world’s very best coaches can be your personal professional. You just need to know where to find them. Perhaps you first point of call before troubling yourself with what club to use is to look at Gateway Golf first class tuition videos…

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