Whats the value of a golf lesson

It is impossible to put a measurable value on a golf lesson. Each and every golfer that decides to seek the services of a professional will have their own desired needs and outcomes from the tuition.

It can not be challenged that having golf lessons is a definite if any level of golfer wants to improve. Lessons allow a professional who usually has a PGA qualification or excellent pro playing record to analyse a swing, identify weaknesses or areas for improvement and implement a manageable, consistent session that attends to these weaknesses with the clear aim of improving the learner.

The value a golfer will get from a lesson or a bunch of lessons will really be determined by the quality of the tuition and the golfers effort to listen to what is being taught. A lesson may only be 30 mins or an hour long so it is important for the learner to continue what has been taught in purposeful practice sessions at the driving range or on the practice chipping/putting green.

The amount of avid amateur golfers who have never had lessons is huge. Most would rather buy the latest clubs in the confused mindset that the club will improve their golf game. This is just backward! This is where the real value of lessons comes to the forefront. A new set of branded golf clubs may cost thousands, once drivers, fairway woods, wedges and putter are put with the irons. Think how many lessons you could have with that money?! The lessons will undoubtedly make you a better golfer, the new clubs perhaps not so much.

If you are thinking you have not got the time or it seems a huge amount of effort to take the lessons there is an alternative. With the benefit of technology, there are now top quality mobile apps/websites featuring the worlds very best coaches. These are short detailed videos which can be played/reviewed as and when the golfer needs them.

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